Practical ways to use essential oils

Which essential oils are best for bedtime?

When it comes to promoting a calming space, besides some essential oils like bergamot and cedarwood, lavender is well known for its soothing effect for a better sleep and a wonderful stress reliever. Lavender is also particularly popular and well known by most people. You may need to try a few different scents to see which one works best for you as you never know you may fall in love with a particular type of smell like eucalyptus or tea tree. However, other members of your family may like some other scents. If this is the case, do not forget that you can combine oils together to produce a desired outcome.

Many people love to blend different scents of essential oils to have their own unique fragrance. Here is some common blends:

How to use essential oils for a better night routine?

Once you’ve found your favourite scent, it’s time to make the most of it. Let’s create a comfortable atmosphere with little effort for a peaceful sleep with essential oils and be as creative as you can. Whether you want to relax or relieve some stress after a long day at work, adding essential oils to your nightly routine is a great way to help create an optimal sleeping environment.


Diffusing an aromatherapy essential oil is usually the easiest and most effective way to enjoy the aroma of your essential oils. Around one hour before going to sleep, turn your diffuser on and add drops of your favourite oil. Put the diffuser in your bedroom, could be on top of your bedside, a nearby desk or a dresser to enjoy the relaxing scent in order to help you have a better sleep. It depends on the size of the diffuser, the size of your bedroom and how strong you want the scent to be. I you feel the scent is not strong enough, there is no harm in adding more.


Adding essential oils to a nice warm bath is another way to relax your body and prepare for sleep.

Soaking your feet in warm water and adding a few drops of essential oil will also give your feet a nice aromatic scent. Some oils like tea tree can also help with fighting bacteria.

Add essential oils to heating pads

Simply add a few drops of oils to the material of heating pads to enjoy the aroma of calming oils.

Hair washing

Add a few drop of diluted oils (tea tree) to your hair while washing it will help prevent the build up of dandruff.


Add a few drops of diluted essential oils to your massage oil to create an aromatic relaxed feeling.

Cleaning with essential oils

In this modern industrial world, we are exposed to a lot of different chemicals through personal hygiene products or chemical cleaning agents. We forget that we could use plant extracts for cleaning purposes. Essential oils are a natural and safe alternative to use around the house. Some essential oils such as eucalyptus or tea tree not only work perfectly as an antiseptic or anti-bacteria component, but also give you a potent aroma to make your living space a more relaxing feeling.

Simply add essential oils to your own cleaning solution at home. Essential oils can be combined with other ingredients to make your own custom cleaning agent.

You may be wondering how much oil you should use. The amount of oil will depend on what kind of job, type of surface and size of the surface. However, it is recommended to use the small amount first to see how it goes, then you can always add more to it later.

You can always diffuse essential oils in your living space or kitchen to help get rid of bad odours and smells.

Essential oils with skincare

While cleansing your skin, try adding a few drops of diluted essential oils like tea tree/lavender will provide a lot of benefits to a clean and clear complexion.

Essential oil is natural from plants. Therefore, test a small diluted amount on a small area of your skin before applying in a larger area.

To summarise, essential oils can be used in many different ways and applications.

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